What is a plantation shutter and how do they work?

I recently updated my old roller blinds from twenty years ago and upgraded to wood finish, plantation shutters. With the help from the Blinds Adelaide team, I was able to create the look and feel that I’ve always wanted in my living room. It’s amazing how window treatments can really change the aesthetics of a room. So for those interested in plantation shutters, this is for you.

An explanationBlinds Adelaide

Plantation shutters are generally made from wood and are fitted as part of the window. They can be slatted like blinds or solid. Another name for plantation shutters is “shutter blinds” and this relates to the way that the slats can be both open and close, but in addition can also be partially opened.

Advantages of plantation shutters

  • Due to the fact that they are generally fitted to the individual window, plantation shutters are incredibly effective at blocking out light so are an excellent option if you’re a light sleeper or need good security.
  • Plantation shutters are also less likely to be custom made so the quality of the craftsmanship is often better. This means that over the long term, they require less maintenance and may not need replacing for many years.
  • Instead of a fabric curtain that may need cleaning or could stain from direct sunlight, plantation shutters are durable and very easy to manage on a day to day basis.
  • Many allergy sufferers find there to be high levels of dust in curtains and blinds so plantation shutters can be helpful in situations where dust is being kept to a minimum.
  • Plantation shutters have become very desirable in recent years especially for those focused on purchasing or renting a stylish space. Plantation shutters are an excellent option if you’re looking to increase the value on your current home.

One step further?

For even higher security and a truly deep sleep, why not look at plantation shutters that are made of solid wood? These are generally in two or three panels which usually open out completely, covering the whole window. Alternatively they can fold back into the window alcove.

Installing a Plantation Shutter:

 If you’re a key DIY enthusiast, why not try installing the plantation shutter yourself.

  1. Measure the window – all measurements should be as accurate as possible
  2. Install mounts and wood shims to support the shutter.
  3. Attach the shutters to the mount using a drill to secure the screws
  4. Add decorative knobs or handles for that extra touch!

For high quality blinds or plantation shutters, check out the team at Bob Burns Blinds!


What are the 7 most popular types of internal blinds?

Internal blinds offer a great solution for homes and offices, requiring a touch of privacy or perhaps some protection from sunlight streaming in. Internal blinds are one of the most popular forms of window treatment and there are numerous options on the market, to cover all tastes, needs and design specifications.

 Window Shutters:

These are generally made from wood, which has a warming presence in any home. They can be an ideal option for rooms with views that you don’t want to miss as they can remain partially open whenever needed. Window shutters can be either hinged or folded to suit the space or preference of the homeowner.

window shutters


Roller Blinds:

The most common type of blind, roller blinds can be inexpensive and are generally easy to install. Very popular in homes and offices where curtains may be too much, roller blinds come in different colours and fabrics to suit whatever space needed.   roller blinds adelaideVertical blinds:

An excellent solution for offices with large windows, these blinds also work well on sliding doors in homes. They make a great alternative to heavy curtains and are helpful in spaces where the light flow requirements may change often.

vertical blinds adelaideRoman blinds:

A sophisticated and stylish option, Roman blinds originated in Europe but are now popular in homes and offices across Australia. These blinds are usually drawn with chords and can be made in all sorts of different fabric.

roman blinds adelaideAluminium Venetians:

Using aluminium gives any space a modern, sleek look and can update any room that’s looking tired or fussy. They have the added benefit of being long lasting and easy to clean and maintain. Similar to the window shutters, aluminium venetians can be partially open.

venetians adelaideSunscreens:

A more functional option, sunscreens are primarily tasked with diffusing natural light and protecting the contents of a room from the strong Australian sunshine. This doesn’t stop them however from being stylish and a more discreet option.

 sunscreen blinds adelaide


Equally as effective design wise as the traditional timber blinds, woodmates are simply a more economical option. They’re very heavy duty and can be well suited for homes affected by heat and humidity.


woodmates blinds adelaide

Whatever your needs, you’ll have no problem finding an internal blind option that will suit you, and give your home that little extra touch. If you’re looking to dress up existing blinds, check out this article by Better Homes and Gardens.